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Unreasonable Behaviour Policy


The requirements of this Company policy apply within Pinnacle Property Management and affiliated companies (The Company). This policy applies to direct employees and our contractors within the Pinnacle Property Management Group.


This Unreasonable Behaviour policy sets out the Company’s commitment to supporting employees in responding to difficult situations they may find themselves in, where the behaviour of another person could be seen as unreasonable or inappropriate.   Unreasonable behaviour manifest in face to face, emails, telephone or video calls.

This policy has been developed based on the IRPM and ARMA Unreasonable Behaviour policies in which The Company expects employees or contractors to act if these situations should arise. The Company agrees with the definitions and forms of unreasonable behaviour as set out in the ARMA  and the IRPM unreasonable behaviour policies.  These should be used in conjunction with this policy.


We believe that our employees should be able to work in an environment where they are treated with respect both internally and externally. We also understand that our customers and clients can become frustrated when they perceive that we are not helping them, answering their questions, or taking too long to address issues.

Under some circumstances, we understand that some customers and clients can demonstrate forceful behaviour at times. The Company does not believe this is inappropriate but if that behaviour becomes aggressive, threatening, or abusive, the Company considers this to be unacceptable. Whilst we will not tolerate unreasonable behaviour, the Company expects employees and contractors to communicate professionally and courtesy at all times.


This could happen during a telephone call, a video call, via email or in a face-to-face meeting. Under these circumstances, we expect employees to continue to behave professionally but that they have the ability and confidence to remove themselves from an aggressive or abusive situation.

Telephone calls and video calls

If a customer becomes aggressive or threatening during a telephone or video call, the employee has the right to end the call. The employee should clearly state to the customer that they should not speak to them in this manner and if they continue to do so, that the call will be terminated and ask the customer to put their concerns in writing to them. Following this, the employee will send a follow up email to the customer to ensure the relationship can continue in a professional manner.  Should the situation reoccur, the employee should raise this with their line manager, who will write to the customer.


Where a customer is being unreasonably demanding and repeatedly contacting a particular employee, the employee should raise this with their line manager. The emails could also contain aggressive or threatening language. The manager will write to the customer to clarify that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated. The manager should offer the customer an alternative contact where appropriate.

Face to face

Threatening and/or aggressive behaviour and language can be intimidating when delivered by a customer in this kind of environment. In this situation the employee should ask the customer not to speak to them in this way, otherwise they will need to leave the meeting. Where the employee is accompanied by a more senior member of staff, we expect this person to step in to diffuse the situation. Where the employee is alone, or with junior members of staff, they are entitled to leave the meeting if the threatening or aggressive behaviour continues. The employee should always try to remain calm and professional, and if they need to leave the meeting, they must communicate this to the customer. This should always be reported to their Line Manager in order for them to write to the customer as required.

Where there are persistent examples of aggressive or threatening behaviour, over different mediums, the Company will consider whether further action is required. In the event that it is, the Company will review whether it is appropriate to assign a different employee to the customer or continue working with that customer. In some cases, the behaviour of residents or tenants may be raised to the landlord or leaseholder of the property or communication may be restricted.

The Company wants to maintain good relationships with customers and while it is important that our employees are supported in dealing with situations of this nature, it is also important that our customers are given the opportunity to apologise, where appropriate. When an apology is forthcoming, we should accept it, and the relationship should continue working as normal. Should the situation arise again, it must be escalated to the employee’s Team Leader. The Team Leader will write to the customer as appropriate.

Where the situation becomes very personal to the employee, the employee may wish to involve the police. This is the employee’s decision and at their own discretion. The Company will not do this on behalf of the employee but will support the employee if they wish to do so.

Use this link to download a copy of the policy.